My personal philosophy:Everyday is a new day.People should live life to the fullest, take chances, be happy, and not care about what others think.Because you never know what could happen tomorrow.

Live right nowIn the pursuit of happinessAnd just be yourselfA voice of gladness, and a smileIt doesn't matter if it's good enough for someone else
Live right nowLove the life you live;Live the life you loveWanderers in that happy valleyTake the path less traveled by
Live right nowLet me flySo different from that of all the othersDoing what I want to do;I’m happy
Live right nowDeclare it to be trueJust try your bestLive like you’re never living twice
Live right now Don't write yourself off Speak freely Don't worry what their bitter hearts are gonna say sticker.gif
Live right now
Break with tradition Forgive your enemies Don’t worry, be happy Happy7days.jpgLive right now Efface the footprints In the past Produce this delight Leaving your fears behind

Live right now Leave no stone unturned Because A promise is surely made Only Heaven knows Tomorrow holds such better days

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