My personal philosophy: The sky is not blue. We as English speakers have simply used the word blue as a common term. If I looked through your eyes and peered at the sky, then what I see could be what I consider to be purple or orange or red or yellow or any one of a number of colors. We call it blue because we were told that it was blue, not burgundy. Everything is about perception, even the words I have colored here. They are what I call blue, yellow, red, orange, green, purple, and burgundy. But what if they look different from your eyes?

First the colors
I'm never satisfied with them.
People observe the colors of a day only at the beginning and end of it
It is error upon error.
I don't understand.
Anything that still lives will die soon enough of thirst-- or hunger-- or rage-- or apathy.
Sleep well, and sweet dreams.
Why don't we try something musical? How about the harps on the willows?
Imagination, intuition, spontenaity.
Some people-- just a handful, mind you--- give off the tiniest color.
external image 2367901363_ef0b8d2ac1.jpg
What color will everything be when Death comes for you?
What will the sky be saying?
Personally, I like a chocolate-colored sky.
Just call me Lucifer, because I'm in need of some restraint.
Let it be, my aim is true.

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